Better Living Sources is a dynamic group established in 1987 and working in the area of international trade in interior and architecture since last three years. Better Living Sources has one unit on export at Better Living Sources, China whereas import and supply unit at Surat, Gujarat. We focus on international trade in every segment and extend benefits of our expertise to clients.


Only Us?

  •  Plentiful Resources
  •  In-House Reality Experience
  •  Worthiness
  •  Universal Presence
  •  Great Team
  •  Prestigious
  •  Unmatched
  •  Competent


  To lead a Company working in the area of interior, architecture and related products, targeting progress for all and be a global leader in the industry. 



  Better Living is rising as a worthy global player for the interior industry with their global tie-ups, strong network and client savvy attitude. We look with microscopic vision and create empires.



  • Procurement

    In-field guidance for products like floor & wall items ,lightening range, decoratives and artefacts.

  • Assisting the project

    Arrange client's visit to China. Walking hand-in-hand with client during every stage of visit.

  • Testing before shipment

    Quality, Quantity and functionality of materials are rigorously checked. Cargo moves for shipment once 'Tested OK.'

  • Optimization

    Cargo is divided into individual units as per volume, area and/or length optimization vis-a-vis shipping cost.

  • @Container

    Batches of cargo are inspected before and at the time of loading into container. Safe loading and proper placements are assured within container.

  • Logistics

    Managing Legal ,qualitative and technical documentation for export by shipping. Client is assured of worry-free shipment and intact door delivery of products.

Our Promise and Values

We aim to eliminate the task of dividing your project between different architecture and construction company. We are a company that offers design and build services for you from initial sketches to the final construction example.


  • There is an undeniable symbiosis between Better Living Furniture and the design of furniture. Both share a belief in achieving excellence and innovation that confounds fashion to endure, marrying creative vision with technical expertise. 

    Architect Yashesh Sukla
  • Classic furniture ranges invariably take their cue from the exploration of the possibilities of new materials and production processes. Successful designs exude new thinking that challenges existing perceptions. Better Living Furniture is a useful signature for interior of high grade.

    Architect Manish Chokshi
  • While creating a timeless aesthetic that suits different functions and environments Better Living Furniture distils the essence of form, function and aesthetics inherent in the materials and processes to supply designs the manufacturer can translate into a  reality. The relationship centers on mutual respect and true collaboration.

    Architect Mahendra Gusain
  • A collaborative approach between end user, architects and Better Living Furniture is a Trend Setter. A renowned company maintains the classic test, the quality of materials and  lay in the synergy between purchase order and  bill-of-materials  to the height of a modern industrial concern. 

    Architect Sujal Mistry
  • To this end, we engaged Better Living Furniture. Dialogue over the Modernist concept led to the idea of a flexible furniture system using Better Living Furniture’s expertise. Though originally conceived for just personal use; vision of the Better Living Furniture system went into Fashion On Go.

    Architect Vijay Chahan
  • The Better Living Furniture, adapted now for upholstery and seating alongside the original storage, has been a popular choice for architects and interior designers for more than 25 years.

    Furniture Mania
  • That it is still specified in a range of contemporary projects bears witness to the dynamism and foresight of Better Living Furniture. What appeals to architects in particular is the well-crafted, flexible design that, thanks to the ingenious accessory connector, permits varied configurations while retaining a clean, consistent aesthetic.

    Style Next Door
  • Better Living Furniture’s work is with meticulous planning, hard line minimalist with sharply defined aggressive angles, energetic synchronization and the dense customer satisfaction.

    Posh Etiquettes
  • The set, supply of Better Living Furniture, is just as extraordinary and completely suited. Bare, simple and environmental, a single curved wall inhabits the space and a sheer expanse of depth, height and volume.

    Pure Beauty
  • Project of Better Living Furniture has been found with limited edition artifacts often for sale exclusively by Better Living Furniture only. Artistic innovations straddle paintings, artifacts, sculptures over and above furniture through a unique approach that shifts the relationship of interior to space.

    Live Fashioning


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