Target:'the better world'

We understand that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one way through Which Better Leaving Sources Can demonstrate its Commitment towards being Socially responsible. Better Living Sources Conduct business in the 'greenest' way possible. With a few generic environmental policies we do face-up to our responsibilities both as a Company and as group of individuals and try to make a difference. We work under self -regulatory mechanism whereby our business monitors and ensures compliance with the spirit of national and international; laws, ethical Standard and norms.

One important aspect is waste. It cost money, natural and human resource and indicates inefficiency and incompetence. Attempting to minimize our impact on the environment we keep our foot down on the waste. From the beginning we have a policy to educate and encourage our staff to plan and use best practice to reduce waste. We do keep a check on reduction of carbon footprint.

Our CSR is broken down into real processes that we have implemented. Transport optimization, recycled stationary usage etc. are some examples. We assure this will continue to develop and grow in future, for 'the good' of our planet .

Better Living Sources acts to future some social good, beyond interests of the company. It is our way of routine life to encourage a positive impact on the environment and stakeholders including consumers, employees, and communities.